Key Status Monitor

Key Status Monitor is a GTK+ application that graphically monitors and displays the status of your mouse buttons and the Alt/Ctrl/Shift keys on your keyboard. It is useful for various applications, including video tutorial work to allow viewers to see what is happening outside of the recorded area.


This application is no longer actively developed. It has been taken, modified, and rebuilt from the ground up by Scott Kirkwood over at Google Code, where you can always find the latest releases from now on:

This page will remain active to push existing users to the new project and as a historical perspective on the origin of the new project.

Download and Installation

The Key Status Monitor requires DBUS, Python, GTK+, pygtk, and the Linux kernel event device interface must be loaded. If your system meets these requirements, please continue!

Exract the archive and enter the newly created key-status-6 directory. From there you can then run the monitor using "./key-status" assuming you have the proper permissions to access your keyboard and mouse devices. If not, you may need to run the monitor as root. If you have multiple keyboard and mouse devices, then the most recently plugged in ones should be used.

Please use key-status --help to see a list of available options that can be passed to the key status monitor!


  • Daniel G. Taylor (code)
  • Jiri Hnidek (code) <jiri dot hnidek at vslib cz>
  • Jakub (jimmac) Steiner (artwork) <jakub at ximian dot com>


Key Status Monitor Screenshot
Key Status Monitor Screenshot


Here you can find all the released files for Key Status Monitor, with the most recent release listed first. The project was started in 2009.